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les routes

De Mesa Verde à Monument Valley

Nous allons suivre le Trail of the ancients Beginning at Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado on US-160, travel west 8 miles to the intersection of US-160 and CO-145 where the byway forks. At the intersection of US 160/491 and 145, continue on US 160/491....

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Autour de Monument Valley

Valley of the Gods Entrance from US191 12 W of Bluff or from U261 . 8 miles NW of Mexican Hat via US163 12 miles W of Bluff, Valley of the Gods, a miniature Monument Valley, is home to towering sandstone formations with fanciful names like Seven Sailors,...

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Autour de Moab

National Scenic Byway 128 Scenic Byway 128 begins 3 miles north of Moab and runs 44 miles to the junction with I-70 near Cisco. Sheer walls of red sandstone contrast with the flowing waters of the Colorado River, which runs adjacent to this Scenic Byway....

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Autour de Custer

Une carte interactive de la région Norbeck National Scenic Byway Norbeck National Scenic Byway Day Trip 83 Miles You will be in the heart of the highest US mountain range east of the Rocky Mountains. You can view one of the world’s greatest monuments,...

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De Devil's Tower à Deadwood

View Larger Map Quelques visites possibles sur cette route: • Bear Butte State Park, Sturgis • Old Fort Meade Cavalry Post, Sturgis • National Motorcycle Museum, Sturgis • Tatanka - Story of the Bison, Deadwood • Roo Ranch, Deadwood • Adams Museum & House,...

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