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Valley of the Gods
Entrance from US191 12 W of Bluff or from U261. 8

miles NW of Mexican Hat via US163

12 miles W of Bluff, Valley of the Gods, a miniature Monument
Valley, is home to towering sandstone formations with fanciful names like Seven Sailors, Southern Lady, and Battleship Butte.

The perfect place for a tour in the spring and fall when temperatures

are cooler. Native surface road suitable for high clearance vehicles.

Allow 3 hours.


Moki Dugway/Muley Point

Dugway: 13 miles NW of Mexican Hat.
Muley Pt: 18 miles NW
of Mexican Hat (Co.Rd. 241)

A "dugway" is a road or trail along a hillside which is dug out to
provide a path for transport. Built in the 1950's during the uranium boom by Texas Zinc Minerals to provide a route for ore haulers from the mines on Cedar Mesa to the mill near Mexican Hat, the

Moki Dugway is an 11% grade on gravel. If you don't mind heights, the views from the road and the overlook at the top are worth the trip. Views are of Valley of the Gods and distant

Monument Valley on the southern horizon.

Muley Point offers another great view from the canyon's edge into John's Canyon.

Allow 2 hrs.for the Dugway, 1 hour
for Muley Pt


Goosenecks State Park

9 miles NW of Mexican Hat via US163, U261, and U316.

The longest entrenched river meander in North America gives this
small park its name. There are two spectacular views from the park.

The river twists and turns, covering more than 6 miles while advancing less than 2 miles toward Lake Powell. The park offers the visitor a close-up view of geology in the raw. Eons of geologic activity are on view. The canyon is 1,500 ft. deep and layers are easily seen. 

Allow 1 hr

Monument Valley

known world-wide, is the quintessential western
landscape and the location of many John Wayne films. To the Navajo people it is home. The best way to see the valley and the stunning scenery, is to take a tour with a native guide. Guided tours leave from the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park visitor center or from Gouldings Lodge. Visit the original trading post, see the film "Earth Spirit", eat at a table with a view, see a Navajo weaver at work, and visit the movie museum. Gouldings Lodge offers all amenities, the Park headquarters offers a visitor center and restaurant.

Navajo Tribal Park Visitor Center

The center offers information, camping, a restaurant, and tours. Learn about the Navajo people and land they call home. Arts & crafts are available.
24 miles SW of Mexican Hat and 1 mile E of the junction

of US163 and County Rd. 421.

Allow 2 hours to a full day.

Gouldings Lodge/Trading Post/Museum

Nestled at the bottom of towering sandstone cliffs, the lodge offers a museum in the original 1926 residence and trading post with special emphasis on the Navajo people and the films made in the valley. The cabin from the film

She Wore A Yellow Ribbon is here. The lodge offers tours, Navajo arts & crafts, a restaurant, and evening showings of the film, Earth Spirit. Lodging, campground.
2 miles W of the junction of US163 and County Rd. 421.

Allow 2 hours to visit the museum and trading post.

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