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National Scenic Byway 128

Scenic Byway 128 begins 3 miles north of Moab and runs 44 miles to the junction with I-70 near Cisco.

Sheer walls of red sandstone contrast with the flowing waters of
the Colorado River, which runs adjacent to this Scenic Byway.

The road connects US 191 with I-70, and features such attractions as

Fisher Towers, which loom 1500 feet above the valley floor, and Dewey Bridge, a one-lane suspension bridge, which was used until 1986. The bridge has been placed on the National Historic Register. Hittle Bottom Homestead is located at a popular picnic and boat launch and was the turn-of-the-century home of a local mail carrier.

May be driven in conjunction with the La Sal Mtn. Loop Road

Scenic Byway 279
3 miles north of Moab off US 191.

Travels through the red rock gorge of the Colorado River. Attractions
include dinosaur tracks, Indian petroglyphs, and arches. 

Allow 1 hour for the 36 mile round trip.

Wilson Arch
26 miles southeast of Moab.

A beautiful natural arch located adjacent to US 191. A parking
area provides convenient access.

Allow 1 hour

La Carte du secteur
Carte interactive de la région 

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