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Norbeck National Scenic Byway

Norbeck National Scenic Byway Day Trip
83 Miles

You will be in the heart of the highest US mountain range east of the Rocky Mountains. You can view one of the world’s greatest monuments, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, experience the monumental sculpture-in-progress, Crazy Horse Memorial, marvel at the outdoor cathedral of the towering granite spires along tne Needles Highway, drive through the Needle’s Eye and tunnels framing Mount Rushmore, then twist your way through the pig tail bridges on Iron Mountain Road. Some other attractions to visit are 1880 Train, Cosmos, Rushmore Borglum Story, National Presidents Wax Museum, Presidents Slide at Rushmore Tramway, Big Thunder Gold Mine, Sitting Bull Caverns, Beautiful Rushmore Cave, Flintstones, Heritage Village, and Prairie Berry Winery.

Wildlife Loop Road dans le Custer State Park

The 18-mile Wildlife Loop Road takes visitors through the open grasslands and pine-speckled hills that much of the park’s wildlife calls home. Visitors will often see bison, pronghorn, whitetail and mule deer, elk, coyotes, burros, prairie dogs, eagles, hawks and a variety of other birds. The morning and evening hours are the best times to view the wildlife, as during that time the animals are most active. On the southeast part of the loop, the Wildlife Station Visitor Center gives visitors shade and information on wildlife and outdoor habitats.

Winding drives throughout the park are enjoyed at a slower pace. When making plans, please allow ample time to travel at a safe speed – generally 25 miles-per-hour or slower.

Expect travel time of about 45 minutes to enjoy the Wildlife Loop.

Expect travel time of about 45 minutes to enjoy the Wildlife Loop.


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